the Space of


The Space of Possibility contains every friend, loved one, beast, and critter, every gizmo and gadget, every feeling of love and compassion, every child’s laughter and newborn baby’s cry, every taste of coffee and smell of freshly baked bread, every thought, idea, and expression, every dance, poem, and painting, every hug, every smile, and every other thing that can exist in this extraordinary space of experience.

And though we’ve brought much light and color to this space, an infinite landscape of unexplored terrain lies beyond the Wall of Ignorance—in a place where the unfamiliar, unexplained, and unimagined are cloaked by darkness.

That’s where we’re headed.

*  *  *

I’m glad you decided to explore the Space of Possibility! I wish you the best possible experience, the best possible life, whatever that looks like to you. So, toward that wish, I made you this gift – A Traveler’s Guide. It’s just some thoughts, practices, and meditations I’ve gathered over the years that’ve helped shape my own life philosophy, my own experience.

Don’t take ’em too seriously. But at times along your way, perhaps when fear or doubt paralyze you, or desire or hatred overpowers you, or loss leaves you stranded in this big world with no direction or aim, I hope you find tucked away in them a bit more freedom – freedom to keep exploring yourself, to keep exploring the world, to keep exploring experience.

But most importantly, and on all roads and in all times, I hope you find in them my unbounded love for you. You are undeniably beautiful. A truly remarkable fact of existence!

Your Friend to the End,


Explore Thought

Explore how understanding shapes your experience. Trace thought’s roots to pull from ancient wisdom.

Explore Your Soul

Explore your Self. Meditate on awareness, love, gratitude, compassion, joy, equanimity, curiosity, honesty, and more.

Explore the Spirit

Explore dreamscapes of love, awareness, space, gratitude, perception, and imagination. Psychedelics welcome.