Cultivate Mindfulness

Only when I am mindful – when I am connected directly to experience, open to it, interested in it, not lost in or identified with thoughts – can I wisely navigate the world. Only when I am mindful can I really understand and, therefore, love my friends and family. Only when I am mindful can I be free, can I be at peace.


Insight Meditation

Course Supplements

The Faceless See-er

Explore the almighty and omniscient “I” – that mysterious entity around which our entire world revolves. Who or what is this thing you call “I”? Where is it? What is it like? What qualities does it have? What is its nature? Discover how this exploration changes and shapes your experience.


The Divine Connection

You don’t need to search far and wide for the Divine Connection. It is that without beginning or end, unborn and unformed. In this lesson, I invite you to witness this directly, to carry it with you at all times, and to let this direct understanding reveal to you truth, beauty, and goodness in all things.


Instructor: John Driggs

Come cultivate a direct understanding of Love. No, not conceptually, but experientially. Meet Love with your bare experience and learn to carry it with you in all places and at all times.

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