Chapter 1 : The Space of Possibility

The Space of Possibility contains every friend, loved one, beast, and critter, every gizmo and gadget, every feeling of love and compassion, every child’s laughter and newborn baby’s cry, every taste of coffee and smell of fresh bread, every thought, idea, and expression, every dance, poem, and…


Chapter 2 : The Intention & Practices

A Traveler’s Guide is a collection of thoughts, meditations, and exercises for anyone interested in exploring, expanding, and enriching their being. My intention is to point you to freedom – freedom from suffering, from automatic reactivity. I wish to point you to love. I wish to point you to peace.


Course Supplements

The Power of Belief: By Way of Introduction

Beliefs not only build temples. They build smartphones and self-driving cars. They push us to the highest peaks and launch us into outer space. They shape our identities, mold our fears, and carve our dreams. Beliefs frame our experience. They propel our lives. So…what do you believe?


Instructor: John Driggs

Come cultivate a direct understanding of Love. No, not conceptually, but experientially. Meet Love with your bare experience and learn to carry it with you in all places and at all times.

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