Practice Vipassana

– Cultivate Mindfulness –

Along my spiritual path, there is not a single thing I can point to that has brought me more freedom, more peace, more love, and more understanding than my vipassana practice, which seeks to cultivate a state of mind commonly referred to as mindfulness.

Only when I am mindful – when I am connected directly to my experience, open to it, interested in it, not lost in or identified with thoughts – can I wisely navigate this Space of Possibility. Only when I am mindful can I really understand and, therefore, love my neighbors, my friends and family. Only when I am mindful, can I be happy, can I truly be at peace.

Nothing, I’d argue, is worthier of your investigation than awareness. After all, worth, significance, and value all arise in it. Awareness is what gives any thing — art, music, friendship  — any significance at all. It is the substance of knowing. It is the substance of all things. 

I encourage you, then, to build a formal vipassana practice into your life so that you can keep awareness close as you travel through this awe-inspiring Space of Possibility that “You” are.

1. What is vipassana?

2. Tasting Mindfulness

3. Mindful Body

4. Mindful Feelings

5. Mindful Thinking

6. Mindful Walking

7. Mindful Love

8. Mindful Breathing

9. Mindful Kindness

10. Open Awareness

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