The Space of Possibility contains every friend and loved one, every beast and critter, every gizmo and gadget, every feeling of love and compassion, every child’s laughter and newborn baby’s cry, every taste of coffee and smell of freshly baked bread, every thought and idea, every dance, every poem, every painting, every smile, and every other thing that is allowed by the laws of physics.

And though we’ve discovered an incredible stretch of this space, an infinite landscape of unexplored terrain lies beyond the Wall of Ignorance—in a place where the unfamiliar, unexplained, and unimagined are cloaked by darkness.

A Gift for Your Journey

Dear Friend,

I’m stoked you’ve decided to explore the Space of Possibility! I wish you the best possible journey, the best possible life, whatever that looks like to you. So, toward that aim, I made this gift for you. It’s just some meditations and thoughts I’ve gathered over the years that’ve helped me to shape my own life philosophy.

Don’t take ‘em too seriously. But I hope, at times along your way, when the goin’ get’s tough, when you experience fear, loss, doubt, or anger, you find tucked away in them a bit more freedom — freedom to keep exploring your self, to keep exploring experience, to keep exploring the world.

But, most importantly, I hope you always find in them the unbounded and unconditional love I have for you. You are undeniably beautiful! A truly remarkable fact of existence..

Your Friend to the End,


A Traveler’s Guide



Pause. and Honesty | Stop and look at experience. What do you notice? Is there anything permanent? Any unchanging entity? What about your self — are you at the center of experience directing attention and thinking thoughts? How do you feel when you lose your self? How will this change my convictions about the world and, thus, my actions?

Connection, Love, & Compassion | When you’re aware of the selfless and centerless nature of experience, notice how the boundaries between you and everything else drop away. What does that feel like? How do you feel when you’re aware that every thing — beings and creatures, times and places, mountains and oceans, stars and galaxies — exist in You, in experience? Do you feel more unconditional love for your Self? Does that then cause you to act out of compassion?

What to do Next? |Life is problem solving. Don’t get lost in your morals. Remember that your problems — aims, values, goals — are created as well as their solutions. To progress, then, create bold and creative problems and solutions. And, then, criticize ‘em honestly, rigorously, and compassionately. Repeat.

The Eternal Dance: Impermanence, Attachment, & Suffering | You live in a world of impermanence. So, know not only how to pick your attachments wisely. But how to let them go wisely. Suffering comes only from attaching to things, which by their nature are impermanent. What are you holding onto?

Words & Things | Though words are just symbols we use to throw over fleeting experiences, it doesn’t mean they don’t matter. They matter tremendously. Our relation to words largely shapes our experience. How do your words and convictions affect your behavior and experience?


  1. Poetic Imagination: The Birth of Progress — Part 1
  2. Critical Rationalism: The Birth of Progress — Part 2
  3. Socrates & Freedom: A Conjectural Theory of Morality — Part 1
  4. Plato & Tyranny: A Conjectural Theory of Morality — Part 2
  5. What’d Ya’ll Mean ‘Science’?: The Ionian Phoenix
  6. The Essence of Aristotle’s Arrogance: The Failures of Ultimate Explanation
  7. Behind Painted Walls: Concepts & the Creative Power of Emptiness
  8. Contrast & Conserve: Holding Self, Other, & World in Harmony
  9. A Star is Born: Indeterminism & Emergence
  10. A Creation Story: Life & Mind

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