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You are a remarkable fact of existence, a truly awe-inspiring creature. If you didn’t know that already, let me hold up a mirror so you can see your reflection clearly, so you can see for yourself the miracle that you are.

I want you to understand yourself, to appreciate yourself, to love and care for yourself. I want you to embody yourself fully, to live authentically from your own heart.

I want you to be happy, to be free from suffering.

I wish you a lasting peace,



Only when I am mindful – connected directly to experience, open to it, interested in it, not lost in thought – can I wisely navigate this Space of Possibility, can I truly understand and, therefore, love my friends and family. Only when I am mindful can I be at peace.


what is mindfulness

“a Lens of Freedom”

How does one come to hold a worldview? How does a baby come out of the womb without any ideas of itself or the world, without any prejudices or biases, without any opinions or beliefs, one day come to hold…

Motivations & Intentions

“The Noble Eightfold Path”

Dharma practice, then, asks us to live in peace and harmony with the Dharma. Together, the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path form an indivisible whole called the Dharma, or Truth, Law, Nature, Life.

4 noble truths

“The Four Noble Truths”

The Buddha taught only suffering and its end, which is expressed in the Four Noble Truths — the indispensable foundation embraced by all Buddhist traditions and lineages, no matter how far their metaphysics…

what is mindfulness

“The Art of Bare Attention”

Today we’re going to talk about the ancient Buddhist practice vipassana, or insight meditation. Now, just to be clear, this is an entirely secular practice. It doesn’t require you to adopt any dogmatic beliefs…

the divine connection

“Mother Ayahuasca”

It’s hard to unpack and conceptualize the lessons learned and insights gained from this experience. But my hope in this article is to share those golden nuggets of wisdom, those insights and lessons….

the divine connection

About John

John Driggs is a writer, meditation teacher, host of the Love & Understanding podcast, and founder of The Space of Possibility Retreat Center.

Hey! My name is John Driggs. I live on a quiet mountain property with my remarkable family – my partner River and our four kids.

Our property and retreat center is a sanctuary and a place of growth – a place where people can come to feel safe and loved, a place where teachers and artists can come together to share their wisdom and beauty, where they can host retreats, workshops, and other experiences that soften our hearts and expand our minds.

I’m looking forward to sharing my unbounded love and tender heart with each of you.


A Traveler’s Guide

I’m glad you decided to explore the Space of Possibility!

I wish you the best possible experience, the best possible life, whatever that looks like to you. Toward that aim, I made you this gift. It’s just some thoughts and meditations I’ve gathered over the years that’ve helped shape my own life philosophy, my own experience.

Don’t take ‘em too seriously. But at times along your way, perhaps when fear or doubt paralyze you, or desire or anger overcome you, or when loss leaves you stranded in this big world, I hope you find in them a bit more freedom — freedom to keep exploring your self, to keep exploring the world, to keep exploring experience.

But most importantly, and on all roads and in all times, I hope you find in them my unbounded love for you. You are undeniably beautiful! A truly remarkable fact of existence.

Your Friend to the End,


Insight Meditation

Vipassana, or insight meditation, is a practice of bare knowing. It looks at experience directly, at the raw data of experience, without becoming lost in thought, without awareness identifying with its contents.

It seeks to cultivate mindfulness.

Supplement your practice with its 2500-year-old philosophical and historical underpinnings and see for yourself the power it has to radically transform your life.

Embody a lasting peace.

Love & Understanding

You are an infinite expression of love. Can you feel that?

If not, look past all the concepts you carry, look past all those words and ideas you’ve sketched over your raw, ever-changing experience since birth. Look at awareness itself. See that it – that you – contain all things, that you are entirely open and unbounded, that you are free. See directly for yourself that you are whole.

Embody a lasting peace.

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“I Am”

I am that which never lives and cannot die, the unwitnessed witness and seer you can’t see. Unborn and unformed, I live without a trace and carry not even a shadow. I am that which, with my marvel, bears life…

“Hold Your Love?”

How do you hold your love? Do you hold her from stillness, with nowhere to go, with nothing to do? How do you hold your love? Do you hold her with acceptance, with open hands and arms, with unabashed…

“Songs of Wonder”

I wonder at the earth, my home. Wonder at her relationship with space, time, and darkness, with the sun, moon, and stars. I wonder at Her deepest oceans and highest peaks, wonder at Her deserts…