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Be your best self. 

What does that look like to you?

And how can I help?

Hello Marvelous Creature,

I genuinely wish you the best possible experience, the best possible life – whatever that looks like to you. So, toward that aim, I made you this gift – A Traveler’s Guide. It’s just some thoughts, reflections, and meditations I’ve gathered over the years that have helped shape, uplift, and bring peace to my own life.

Don’t take ’em too seriously. But at times along your journey, perhaps you can find tucked away in them a bit more freedom — freedom to keep exploring your self, to keep exploring the world, to keep exploring experience. But most importantly, and on all roads and in all times, I hope you find in them my unbounded love for you. You are undeniably beautiful. A truly remarkable fact of existence!

John Driggs

A Little About John

was born in the suburbs of Salt Lake City into an incredibly loving Mormon family, whose example of unconditional love and service remain a permanent fixture in my heart and mind. As a young teen, though, I ran into many difficulties with the LDS faith – moral disagreements, logical contradictions, and philosophical problems – that led me to reject the faith and set out on a search for truth.

Turned out, though, every time I’d catch a glimmer of truth, I’d just end up with more problems. Essentially, my initial problems grew deeper and deeper — I learned more about what I don’t know. But as I became better acquainted with my ignorance in this way, I was able to ask better questions and, in turn, create better answers.

These problems and their evolution have consumed me now for well over a decade. They have pushed me to learn about the world’s religions, past and present. They have given me a relentless appetite for physics, biology, and philosophy. They have sent me around the globe to explore people and customs — to break bread with Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims. They have led me to explore the nature of my own mind — to sit for week- and month-long meditations, to participate in a traditional ayahuasca ceremony with the Shipibo tribe in Peru, and to explore many other empathogens, psychedelics, and ‘religious’ or ‘supranatural’ states of mind.

And after all this — books, travel, people, meditation, psychedelics — I am now confident about only one thing: that I know nothing; that whatever knowledge I have will always be engulfed by my infinite ignorance; that I’m just a kid playin’ in this cosmic sandbox without a clue about much of anything.

I do have a few ideas, though, new and old, that I’ve explored, strengthened, and applied to my life. Again though, these are only ideas — bold and creative guesses about this strange, beautiful, and mysterious world as well as our place in it. But if you’re interested, I’d love for you to explore them. And after an honest and compassionate reflection, if you’ve found some mistakes or can offer some improvements, I’d love to explore those, in turn.

I don’t want to convert you to any belief system or tell you to live a certain way or anything like that. I simply wish for you to find yourself, your true and authentic self. I wish for you to find happiness, to find lasting peace. I wish for you to connect deeply with the boundless open space of experience, and to awaken to the power of beliefs, to the power of whatever conceptual frameworks you have constructed over your bare, ever-changing flow of experience.

Beliefs not only build temples, mosques, and synagogues. They build smartphones, spaceships, and self-driving cars. They determine what clothes we wear, what company we keep, and what food we eat. They establish LLCs and run courts of law. They orchestrate symphonies, fuel economies, and spark revolutions. They push mountaineers to the highest peaks and launch astronauts into space. They shape our identities, mold our fears, and carve out our dreams. Beliefs frame our entire experience. They propel our lives.

So, what is it that you believe? How will you engage with and relate to concepts? How will you view, understand, and relate to yourself? To the world? How will you understand your experience? How will you spend your time and awareness? Your life?

With Unconditional Love Always,

John Driggs



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More about John

I received a Bachelor’s degree in economics at 20. Then I worked in finance and insurance, where I received my securities licenses (Series 7, 63, & 65) and insurance licenses. At 23, I left that world behind to start law school, where I focused primarily on developing my knowledge of the judicial and legislative processes in order to bring about effective change in public policy.

I sold out and worked a corporate gig – in-house commercial real estate – but soon left to set out on a deep moral and spiritual adventure, in which I found myself. I found Love – or whatever you wanna call that which encompasses all things. I found peace. Not a fleeting or momentary peace. A deep peace. A  peace I carry in my heart and wear on my body.

And it’s yours if you want it. Witness and know it directly for yourself – know that you are peace, that you are Love. Know that you are Divine, without beginning or end, unborn and undying.

A little more about John

John is a board member of the Utah Women’s Coalition, a nonpartisan coalition made up of individuals, nonprofit organizations, women’s groups, medical professionals, and policymakers working to advance the status of Utah women and families.

He is also a board member of Das Hooah, a non-profit that focuses on improving the health and wellness of veterans.

He was also an Advisor to and Cabinet Member of Representative Pitcher’s successful election campaign (Utah District 40).

John has drafted a brief before the Utah Supreme Court, has successfully put two bills into Utah State law, and has written op-eds for the Salt Lake Tribune and other journals. He has also produced content across several mediums to educate the public on epistemology.

This last project – educating people about the theory of knowledge and thereby arming them with the tools necessary to build their own moral philosophies, to pursue their own dreams – is John’s greatest passion. Not only does it fill him with joy to see people find peace, clarity, and direction, but it also continues to deepen his own understanding of and love for the world and all its beautiful people.

Moral, intellectual, artistic, and spiritual progress are his life pursuits.

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