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Meet your raw, bare, everchanging experience. Learn to see again through the eyes of a child. Discover your soul, its faculties, impulses, and interests. Explore how everything unfolds in thought, how thinking molds experience. Trace thought’s roots to pull from ancient experiential wisdom. Explore, expand, and enrich your experience. Explore, expand, and enrich You.



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If you have enough resources and find the content here valuable, please consider subscribing or upgrading to our Benefactor Membership to help provide scholarships for those who are less fortunate. I have put, and continue to put, many hours and resources into the Space of Possibility. And I have a family – a partner and four beautiful kids – to take care of, so your support really does make all the difference.

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I never want money to be the reason you can’t access my content. Please pay it forward.

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I never want money to be the reason you can’t access my content. One of the primary insights my courses and practices point to is that Love has no conditions. It is entirely open, boundless, and freely given. So, please, if you are not in a position to pay $9.99/month, please use this registration form and I will set you up with a free account.