Traveler’s Guide

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The Space of Possibility: Introduction

I’m glad you’re exploring the Space of Possibility! I wish you the best possible experience – whatever that looks like to you. Here’s a gift, a little piece of my heart, for your journey – A Traveler’s Guide.

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Course 1: Cultivate Mindfulness

Only when I am mindful – connected directly to experience, open to it, interested in it, not lost in thought – can I wisely navigate this Space of Possibility, can I truly understand and love my friends and family.

30-Day Meditation Course

Course 2: Love & Understanding

In this course, you will get to know love directly. Not conceptually, but experientially. Come cultivate the capacity to carry love with you in all places and at all times. Let love become what you are.

30-Day Meditation Course

Merging Concepts With Experience

Trace thought’s roots to pull from ancient wisdom. Explore the evolution of wonder – how it has given birth to our understanding, how it has shaped and molded ourselves and the world.

8 Episodes

Cultivate Reverence & Devotion

Have you ever stood under the Milky Way, sat in a holy place, or been in the presence of an extraordinary being? Have you ever felt reverence toward something much bigger than yourself? How did it inspire you?

9 Practices

Course 5: Understand Yourself

Get to know yourself. Know your impulses, interests, and motivations. Understand the hindrances you face. Be aware of your soft spots, vulnerabilities, and biases. Unchain yourself and paint love freely.

30-Day Course

Course 6: What is Epistemology?

Have an impulse for philosophy? Come trace epistemology – the theory of knowledge – from its roots in ancient Ionia to the buds of present day. Learn how understanding evolves.

10 Lessons

Course 7: Express Freely

What words, art, or expressions come into being when you dig into the immovable depths and solitude of your soul? When you turn away from the outside world and seek to discover your innermost secrets?

Expression Exercises

Explore Thought

Explore how everything unfolds in thought, how thinking molds experience. Trace thought’s roots to pull from ancient experiential wisdom.

Explore Your Self

Discover your soul, its faculties, impulses, and interests. Explore how the “I” relates to the soul and interacts with the world of created things.

Explore the Spirit

Explore what awaits in thought to be witnessed, to be felt and experienced. How do these objects of thought relate to and influence “You”?