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Founder of The Space of Possibility & Love & Understanding

My name is John Driggs. I am a meditation teacher and founder of The Space of Possibility Podcast, Blog, & Retreat Center.

I live on a quiet mountain property in Heber, Utah, with my remarkable family – my partner Deb and our four kids. Our home is a sanctuary and a place of growth – a place where people can come to feel safe and loved, a place where teachers and artists can share their wisdom and beauty, where they can host retreats, workshops, and provide other experiences that soften our hearts and expand our minds.

My aim is to point people back to themselves, to help them embody themselves fully, to walk their own path in peace.

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Resume & Experience

Meditation Experience

    • 15 years of vipassana, or mindfulness-based, practice
    • 2-year sabbatical for practicing meditation & studying Eastern philosophy
    • 1-year online training with IMS, The Way of the Buddha
    • Two 1-month intensive silent retreats (18-hour days of meditation)
    • Two 1-week forest retreats in complete solitude
    • Many weekend (2- to 3-day) retreats
    • Theravāda, Dzogchen, OneDharma


    • B.S., Finance
    • B.S., Economics
    • J.D., Doctor of Law

Professional Experience

    • Founder, The Space of Possibility
    • Founder, Love & Understanding
    • Co-Founder, Utah Women’s Coalition
    • Cabinet Member & Advisor, Utah House Representative Pitcher
    • Cabinet Member & Advisor, Utah Senator Pitcher
    • Corporate Counsel, JD
    • Corporate Real Estate Attorney
    • Junior Financial Advisor, Union Bank of Switzerland