Personal Coaching

The Art of Life, Love, & Being

Embody Your Self Fully

If you’d like some personal care and attention put into sculpting your being, into deepening your presence, if you’d like a hard stone to sharpen up against, a polished mirror to see your reflection clearly, an honest friend or counselor, let’s spend some time together.

Be your true self.

What does that look like to you?

And how can I help?

Day Hike or Adventure

Spend the day hiking one-on-one with John through the Wasatch mountain range. Test the limits of your body, heart, and mind. Allow the isolation and solitude of the mountains to point you to your own internal solitude, the strength and foundation of your being.

Day Hike: $600

Private Ceremonies

If you are interested in a private meditation retreat or plant-based medicine ceremony and would like me to host it, please reach out to me before registering here.

I am happy to host small groups (up to 15) at their home or any location near the Salt Lake Valley. (I am also happy to travel for an extra fee if the context and conditions are appropriate).

Starting at: $1,200

*If your funds are limited, please ask about a scholarship. Single parents, teachers, and other caretakers are encouraged to apply.