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Explore mushrooms in a safe and loving environment. Uproot your harmful beliefs and allow the seeds of love and compassion to grow within you.


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Are mushrooms right for me?

  • Are you holding onto past traumas?

  • Have you recently lost your faith?

  • Are you looking for a new direction in life?

  • Are you struggling with loss or grief?

  • Has the world lost its color and aliveness?

  • Are you looking to tap into your creativity?

  • Do you feel there may be more to life?

  • Are you interested in exploring the nature of your own mind?

Motivation & Intention

Trying mushrooms for the first time can be intimidating. Mushrooms are an incredibly powerful psychedelic and entheogen. And they can bring much of what you have hidden in the depths of your subconscious to the surface of awareness – pains and traumas, self-deceits and defenses, but also your deepest gratitudes and values.

So, before you embark on this journey, it’s important to really understand your motivation and intention behind it. This intention can then act both as an anchor to keep you grounded through your journey as well as a means to pull more out of your experience.

Before you commit, let’s talk and figure out whether this is right for you. And then, if it is, let’s find a really good frame for your motivation and intention.¬†I want to do everything in my power to make sure you feel safe and loved while you explore the entheogenic and psychedelic effects of psilocybin – the psychoactive compound in ‘magic mushrooms’.

You are undeniably beautiful. A truly remarkable fact of existence.


Mindfulness & Mushrooms

Mindfulness practice asks us to stay close to and intimate with our experience. It asks us to see clearly whatever is arising without judging it, without clinging to the pleasant or pushing away the unpleasant. It asks us to awaken to the continuous, interconnected, and seamless nature of consciousness, of existence. It asks us to occupy more than our bodies. It asks us to be whole.

Mushrooms position us similarly toward our experience. They provide an excellent window into the ground of all being. They allow us to step outside our limited self and beliefs and to connect directly with the unformed space of awareness.

Love & Kindness

When we’re kids, we inherit many negative patterns and habits from our parents and community. We absorb many traumas that leave¬†energetic imprints on us.

And, if we refuse to face these as we move into adulthood, if we keep suppressing them, if we keep pushing them deeper into the subconscious, they can often manifest later as an addiction, as depression, anxiety, and self-hatred.

Mushrooms give us the chance to unlock these patterns. They allow us to step away from our limited sense of self and to look at these patterns from a higher perspective.

By bringing subconscious pains and blockages to the surface, by amplifying the patterns and processes that no longer serve us, mushrooms give us the chance to practice real love, compassion, and forgiveness for ourselves.

They allow us to heal and begin again.

Another way I’ve noticed how mushrooms overlap with Buddhism is in this practice of self-love and -compassion. The Buddhist practice of metta or ‘loving-kindness’ makes it a discipline to cultivate the feelings of loving-kindness, compassion, and joy for oneself and for all beings everywhere.

In this practice, some of us can feel a lot of resistance – sometimes it can even be painful, or it can bring about the opposite feelings of loving-kindness.

But if you stay dedicated to the practice, eventually you will open to your shadow, to your pains and traumas, and be able to shine the light of love and compassion on them. With patience and care, you will become whole again.

About John Driggs

Hey. My name is John Driggs. I live on a quiet mountain property in Utah with my remarkable family – my partner Deb and our four kids.

Our property and our home is a sanctuary and a place of growth – a place where people can come to feel safe and loved, a place where teachers and artists can come together to share their wisdom and beauty, where they can host retreats, workshops, and other experiences that soften our hearts and expand our minds.

I’m looking forward to sharing my unbounded love and tender heart with each of you.