Supplement Your Practice

We Can Wonder

Wonder is the beginning. It is the space from which all things unfold. It gives birth to questions. It is the womb of understanding. It molds from the empty space of awareness all that can be known.

Everything Changes

It’s no secret everything changes. Your experience this morning isn’t your experience now. Yet how many of us act like we really understand this? How often do we grasp onto the illusion of things, including our ‘self’?

The Faceless Seer

Who are “you”? The world seems to revolve around the almighty and omniscient “I” – my body, my thoughts, my feelings, my things. Yet what happens when you look for your “self”? Can you find the “I”?

The Divine Connection

You don’t need to search far and wide for the Divine connection. It’s that without beginning or end. See and feel –¬†know directly – the love that both surrounds you and fills you. Know the Love that¬†is you.

Loving Attention

How many of your words and actions are reactive & automatic? How many are reflective and intentional? What would it be like, what would it feel like, to intentionally love yourself, others, and the world?

Awakening Your Heart

What do you think it’d feel like if you committed your time, energy, and awareness to alleviate the suffering all around you? How would it feel to wrap the world in a caring attention?

Breathing Life Into Morality

When was the last time you looked not to your friends or neighbors, not to your scriptures or prophets, not to the laws and regulations of your state, but to your own heart to understand your morality?

Project Human

Do you know your soft spots, your vulnerabilities and insecurities? Find reverence, compassion, and awe for your fellow beings by getting back in touch with your own humanity.