Intention & Overview

My Intention: A Traveler’s Guide is a collection of meditations, thoughts, and exercises for anyone interested in exploring, expanding, and enriching their being.

My intention is to point you to freedom – freedom from suffering, from automatic reactivity, from unconscious thoughts, feelings, and actions.

But more important than my intention is your own. Do you want to express your true and genuine self? Do you want to paint love freely onto this world? Do you want to embody a lasting peace?

I hope that as you move through this course you will be able to connect deeply with the boundless open space of experience, that the borders between you and the world will continue to dissolve. I hope that you will come to know Love directly, that it will fill the entirety of your being until it spills out and floods the world around you.

I hope you find your own heart’s deepest intention.

The Practice: Though I will pass along some ancient wisdom as well as some glimpses into my own beliefs, in the end, your life philosophy – your belief system or moral framework – must be unique to you. After all, you are not me, you’re you. So get to work exploring, expanding, and enriching you!

Keep in mind, though, as you walk your path, that there’s no right way to build a belief system. It’s largely a poetic and artistic pursuit.

But just as an artist must keep an open and honest conversation with her art, so too must you remain open and honest about your creation – about your beliefs, about your life. Only then can you hope to better understand experience.

So, as we go through these courses, I’ll encourage you to get out your paint and brushes to create the most important thing – your understanding of all this, whatever It ineffably is.

But before we do, let’s first learn to see again through the eyes of a child. Let’s learn to meet our bare experience, without concepts stenciled all over it, without judgments and biases coloring its raw data.

First, let’s practice vipassana or insight meditation – a Buddhist practice that cultivates the state of mind known as mindfulness.

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