The Space of Possibility

- Cultivate Mindfulness -

Our entire lives unfold in our minds, in the space of experience. Mindfulness connects us directly to experience. It helps us remain open to it, interested in it, not lost in or identified with thought. It gives us wisdom and moves us to compassion — compassion for ourselves, for our friends and families, compassion for the world. Mindfulness offers lasting peace. 

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The Space of Possibility

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I’m glad you’ve decided to explore the Space of Possibility! I wish you the best possible experience – whatever that looks like to you.

Here’s a gift for your journey, a little piece of my heart – A Traveler’s Guide. It’s just a collection of thoughts, meditations, and exercises that have helped me explore, expand, and enrich my being.

I hope they offer the same to you. I hope they point you to freedom – freedom from suffering, from automatic reactivity. I hope they point you to yourself – to your true and authentic self, unencumbered by compulsory desire. I hope they point you to peace.

But most importantly, and on all roads and in all times, I hope you find in them my unbounded love for you. You are undeniably beautiful. A truly remarkable fact of existence!

Self Harmony

Explore Your Self

Discover your self, your soul, your heart and mind. Know your faculties, your impulses, and interests. Explore how the “I” relates to the soul and interacts with the world.

Course 1

Cultivate Mindfulness

Learn how to practice insight meditation, the path laid out by the Buddha some 2500 years ago. Allow mindfulness to open you to insights about yourself, the world, and your place in it.

Course 2

Love & Understanding

Get to know Love directly. Not conceptually, but experientially. Come cultivate the capacity to carry love with you in all places and at all times. Let Love be what you are.

The Space of Possibility

The Space of Possibility contains every friend, loved one, beast, and critter, every gizmo and gadget, every feeling of love and compassion, every child’s laughter and newborn baby’s cry, every taste of coffee and smell of freshly baked bread, every thought, idea, and expression, every dance, poem, and painting, every hug, every smile, and every other thing that can exist in this extraordinary space of experience.

And though we’ve brought much light and color to this space, an infinite landscape of unexplored terrain lies beyond the Wall of Ignorance—in a place where the unfamiliar, unexplained, and unimagined are cloaked by darkness.

That’s where we’re headed. Come on. Grab your shit and let’s go.

The Power of Belief

Beliefs not only build temples, mosques, and synagogues. They build smartphones, spaceships, and self-driving cars. They determine what clothes we wear, what company we keep, and what food we eat. They establish LLCs and run courts of law. They orchestrate symphonies, fuel economies, and spark revolutions. They push mountaineers to the highest peaks and launch astronauts into space. They shape our identities, mold our fears, and carve our dreams. Beliefs frame our experience. They propel our lives.

I don’t want to convert you to any belief system or tell you to live a certain way or anything like that. Rather, I simply wish you the best possible life – whatever that looks like to you. So, it’s merely my wish here to awaken you to the power of beliefs, to the power of whatever conceptual frameworks you have constructed over your bare, ever-changing flow of experience.

How will you engage with and relate to concepts? How will you view and understand your Self? Others? The World? How will you understand your experience?

There’s no right way to build a belief system, to live your life. It’s largely a poetic and artistic pursuit.

But just as an artist must keep an open and honest conversation with her art, so too must you remain open and honest about your creation – your beliefs, your life, your experience. Only then can you hope to better understand yourself, the world, and experience.

So, as we go through these courses, I’ll encourage you to get out your paint and brushes, your bricks and mortar, to build the most important thing you could build – your understanding of all this, whatever It ineffably is.

But, before we do, let’s first learn to see again through the eyes of a child. Let’s learn to meet our bare experience, without concepts stenciled all over it, without judgments and biases clouding its raw data.

First, let’s practice vipassana – a Buddhist meditation that cultivates the state of mind known as mindfulness.


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