The Space of Possibility


Cultivate mindfulness. Explore, expand, and enrich your being. Understand yourself, the world, and your place in it. Learn to walk in freedom. Embody a lasting peace.


Free Meditations

Peace & Freedom

You are a remarkable fact of existence. I hope you know that. And if you don’t, please let me remind you.

Let me show you just how vast, how remarkable, how beautiful, how awe-inspiring you are. Let me encourage you to love yourself, to have compassion for yourself, to embody yourself fully, to live authentically from your own heart.

I want you to be happy. I want you to be free from suffering. I wish you a lasting peace.

The Space of Possibility

Available Courses

I’m glad you’ve decided to explore the Space of Possibility! I wish you the best possible experience – whatever that looks like to you. Here’s a gift for your journey, a little piece of my heart – A Traveler’s Guide. It’s just a collection of thoughts, meditations, exercises to explore, expand, and enrich your being.

I hope they point you to freedom – freedom from suffering, from automatic reactivity. I hope they point you to peace.

Self Harmony

Explore Your Self

Discover your self, your soul, your heart and mind. Know your faculties, your impulse, and interests. Understand how the “I” relates to the soul and interacts with the world.

Course 1

Cultivate Mindfulness

Learn how to practice insight meditation, the path laid out by the Buddha some 2500 years ago. Allow mindfulness to open you to insights about yourself, the world, and your place in it.

Course 2

Love & Understanding

Get to know Love directly. Not conceptually, but experientially. Come cultivate the capacity to carry love with you in all places and at all times. Let Love become what you are.

Speaking the Unspeakable

“We Can Wonder”

Wonder is the beginning. It is the space from which all things unfold. It gives birth to questions, it is the womb of understanding. It molds from the empty space of awareness all that can be known…

“The Faceless Seer”

Because “I” can’t be removed from you, because it’s essential to you, only you can investigate it for yourself. So, go ahead, take a look. What is this thing you call “I”? Where is it? What is it like? What qualities does it have? What is its nature?…

“The Divine Connection”

You don’t need to search far and wide for the Divine connection. It’s that without beginning or end. See and feel – know directly – the love that both surrounds you and fills you. Know the Love that is you…